Catherine Zheng Director of Development, Asia

Based in China, Catherine has worked for top digital platforms and studios - including Youku Tudou, Wanda, and HeroKiddo – and has extensive experience in marketing, business development, PR, and project management. Starting as a marketing professional, Catherine has truly followed her enthusiasm in the creation of premium content.

Prior to Ivanhoe, Catherine worked for HeroKiddo, where she was responsible for promoting several local hit webseries in China - including Raksasha Street, Women in Beijing, and Mr. Bug - and liaised between digital platforms, production teams, and local talent/agents. Catherine also worked in development for Youku Tudou, one of the top digital platforms in China, scouting talented young directors for new projects.

As an experienced translator and interpreter, Catherine has bridged the communication gap and brought various forms of content to local audiences and abroad, including TV series, movies, musicals, scripts, and books.

Born and raised in China, Catherine holds an M.A. from Kent State University and a B.A. from Yantai University.