Delhi Crime Season 1 Now Streaming on Netflix, Season 2 currently in Production [NR]


When the bloodied—but breathing—bodies of a young woman and man are found naked in a ditch by the road, an emotionally fraught investigation begins its race against the clock. At the forefront is a no-nonsense female police commissioner who begins to uncover the horrifying details of the victim’s gang rape. The inquiry becomes a serpentine quest for clarity amongst corruption and pervasive cultural misogyny. In a country with a history of denial and victim blaming, is due process possible?

Based on real events from 2012, in which the fatal assault of a young woman on a bus exposed the role the Indian government and police played in crimes against women, Delhi Crime takes on the American tradition of ripped-from-the-headlines crime dramas. Indo-Canadian director Richie Mehta presents a compassionate look at law and order in a developing world, highlighting a heartbreaking crime with a sense of realism and an eye toward justice.

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