SK Global

SK Global Entertainment

A global independent entertainment studio with operating hubs around the world including Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, the Middle East and London, focused on developing, financing and producing premium content with cultural impact and global appeal. SKG has a library of over 100 critically acclaimed feature films and has collaborated with top-tier talent to create mind-provoking, heart-stirring and award-winning content for film, television and digital media.

The Team

Audrey Davidson Executive Assistant, Charlie Corwin Roman Holiday

David Kaplan Executive Director, Financial Planning & Analysis Blade Runner

Joe Osborn Receptionist Rosemary's Baby

Jordan Villarreal Executive Assistant, Marcy Ross Mad Men

Keisya Rito Senior Accounting Manager Pretty Woman

Reiko Napier Manager, Creative Development Groundhog Day

Scott Gerlomes Executive Assistant, Mark O'Connor Hud

Taylor Leonesio Production Manager Brazil

Armen Ter-Zakarian Senior Financial Analyst The Promise

Melissa Mahdavi Assistant Controller Pride & Prejudice